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On the dictation (La dictée)

Unknown to most non-French students, the dictation (la dictée) is one of the most dreaded moment in France’s classroom. The teacher (le maître ou la maîtresse) stands up and asks the children to open their notebook. She takes her book, opens it to a marked page, and starts pacing the room. She reads slowly for . . . → Read More: On the dictation (La dictée)

On the use of Frenchglish

Chers tous,

Often, when writing in French, the author has the choice between using an English word or the official French word. For example, is it more appropriate to use “Email” or “Courrier électronique”, “Meeting” or “Réunion”?

Since French, like all languages, can be ambiguous, there is no straight answer. It depends entirely on . . . → Read More: On the use of Frenchglish

Welcome to Edit My French

Chers tous,

French is a beautiful language that has been written for over 1200 years. During all this years, local spoken dialects kept enriching but also pulling the language in all directions. The Académie Française was created in the XVII century to gain some control over the situation leading to a language very well defined. . . . → Read More: Welcome to Edit My French