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On the use of Frenchglish

Chers tous,

Often, when writing in French, the author has the choice between using an English word or the official French word. For example, is it more appropriate to use “Email” or “Courrier électronique”, “Meeting” or “Réunion”?

Since French, like all languages, can be ambiguous, there is no straight answer. It  depends entirely on the context and the audience.

When writing to a French administration, for example, it is more appropriate to use French only.  When writing a business report; however, English terms used on a daily basis are acceptable.

For an essay, it depends on the context and instructors. They are the ones defining the usage limits. With slam poetry, it is up to the artist. Keep in mind: there is risk of misunderstanding.

Putting English words in French sentences can be very fashionable but it becomes confusing for non-native speakers. Frenchglish should only be used with caution and it is certainly not a license to compensate for a lack of French vocabulary.

Amicalement vôtre

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