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Welcome to Edit My French

Chers tous,

French is a beautiful language that has been written for over 1200 years. During all this years, local spoken dialects kept enriching but also pulling the language in all directions. The Académie Française was created in the XVII century to gain some control over the situation leading to a language very well defined. A good definition does not make the language easier to write. Poetry and logic are rarely compatible. This is the reason why it takes most native speakers a least 10 years of intense schooling to get a good mastery of the major grammatical aspects of French. For most learners of French as a foreign language who do not have the opportunity to sit on school benches for hours, the results can be sometimes discouraging. Even though they learn to apply the rules, the number of exceptions, the classic versus current vocabulary, and the verb tense agreement clearly identify them as non-native speakers.

This is where Edit My French comes into play…

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