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The Story of French

A  book in English talking about the French language?

The authors, Jean-Benoît Nadeau and Julie Barlow, both Canadians, one French native speaker, the other English native speaker put together an exhaustive review of why the French language still counts as a major player is today’s world. The book is full of interesting and funny anecdotes. It helps understand why most French speakers correct each other when one makes a spoken or written mistakes. It might look strange to most English speakers who take a lot of liberty with their language, creating new words and new structures on the go. It explains why the norm, an ideal French with an ideal accent, has such a strong effect on native French speakers creating de facto a virtual culture that is taught to all French language students. This ideal French helps unite the French speaking community and creates a strong support network.

The book is sometimes partisans, but helps support the idea that English does not have to be the only lingua franca.


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