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Did you get your “papillottes”

Anyone who got to spend some time around Christmas in the Lyon area is familiar with those treats. They come in a small shiny wrapping, like a little present, which hides a delicious chocolate treat with (soon) to be discovered fillings. Take one, just pull the extremities, and the papillotte unrolls itself to offer first its chocolote candy or its fruit paste, second a little note (usually humoristic), and sometimes a little firecracker that you can pop for the greatest joy of the kids.
Legend has it that at the end of the XVIIIth century, a young chocolate maker apprentice used this mean to send love notes to a lady. He got caught by the store owner, Mr Papillot, who decided to exploit this idea for his own profit (Wikipedia).
Next time you are in the Lyon region around Christmas, get a bag and enjoy, but no cheating, you eat the one you get, and re-wrapping is not allowed.

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